Quality Assurance

Quality is an uncompromised ethic at BLS. We have created a multi-tier work model to check the quality of work being delivered to filter out errors if any. Q1 is the preliminary level for quality check and is done by the supervisors or team leaders of the actual work. Q2 being the second level is carried out by experienced lawyers and project managers who understand clients’ needs in the best way, and final level being Q3 which is performed in case the project requires special scrutiny again by the team of experienced lawyers in that field.

We are not only committed to providing quality in our work product being delivered but we also aim towards error free work on day to day basis, for that we ensure:

  • Spot checks.
  • Errors and improvement logs maintained and distributed to all team members.
  • Identify areas for additional training.
  • Identify team members with specific performance issues.
  • Continuous, developing process, issue based approach.