Paralegal Services

1. Legal Document Summaries

BLS help their clients reduce time to go through hefty and comprehensive legal documents by creating summaries in simple & plain language which can easily be understood by anyone in the organisation with no legal background. This is achieved by replacing legal jargons with alternate simple terms and briefly stating the essence of a legal document. This saves valuable time for attorneys, middle & senior management and helps them invest the same to other productive activities instead.

2. Legal Data Entry Services

Data entry tasks may sound trivial but involves substantial time & effort with accuracy and consistency. BLS provides legal data entry services with the right combination of legal experts and technology friendly resources with absolute confidentiality and accuracy at low costs. These services can further be customised to meet client’s requirement in the best possible manner. By outsourcing data entry workload to BLS, organisations can focus on their core business functions along with cost and time savings.

3. Legal Research

BLS provides customised and cost-efficient legal research solutions to global corporations and law firms. Our team of experienced attorneys and trained professionals can undertake litigation and non-litigation tasks of legal research as per specific client requirements. This helps our clients focus on making vital business decisions without the hassle of performing time-consuming research themselves. We offer to perform Subject Matter Research, Case Law Research and Statute Research across real estate, securities law, insurance law and corporate law sectors.