Legal Services

1. Legal Document Drafting, Review and Management Services

Legal analysis and documentation are everyday activities for any law firm. We seek to provide its clients with quality legal drafting and review services while at the same time help clients reduce their operating costs considerably. We offer analysing & organising of legal information, background checks of the document, drafting second opinions, editing pre-drafted agreements, proofreading of agreements drafted by other parties, etc. We have a team of experienced lawyers with analytical skills who are well versed in preparing and managing legal documentation and are committed to delivering error free, cost effective and timely services.

2. Contract Management Services

At BLS, we offer contract administration services for managing end to end contract lifecycle including contract drafting, review, redlining, negotiation, abstraction and summarization. We also help our clients manage their ongoing rights & obligations and ensure compliance with numerous contract impacting regulations by summarizing executed contracts, mapping clauses against regulations, identifying key terms, conducting gap analyses, issuing amendments, globalizing contracts and populating contracts databases to meet client’s recurring business requirements. We help client tackle needs of different landscapes and growing competition by planning strategic, cost effective and time efficient contract management solutions.

3. Litigation Support & e-discovery Services

Discovery of electronic data is important and equally tedious for any litigation in-progress. BLS help their clients to streamline the whole process of Identification, Preservation, Collection, Processing, Review and production of data, following a strong delivery process to provide a chain-of-custody that guarantees security and accountability of the data. BLS comprises of a large team of experienced legal experts providing efficient and cost effective services to help organisations successfully manage litigation support, document review and integrated discovery. We also help clients have an affordable e-discovery process that accelerates the review and analysis of electronically stored information.

4. Due Diligence Services

Professionals at BLS offers a process which is scalable and flexible to the specific demands of our clients that may differ with each engagement. We address a range of strategic, financial, and operational issues as part of the due diligence process. We help to assess existing contracts and contractual relationships, perform third-party due diligence, revise & re-negotiate contracts, and establish processes to ensure prospective compliance. By this, we aim to help clients reduce their cost and time invested in these activities.