Accounting & Secretarial Services

1. Management Accounting Services

BLS provides diverse services under Management Accounting Services including General Accounting services on a daily basis, documentation of daily transactions in accounting books, documentation of employee reimbursement & claims, documentation and management of accounts payable and receivable, accounting for fixed assets of the company, preparation of periodic bank reconciliation statements, and MIS preparation. All our services are entirely based on the prevailing accounting standards of the relevant geography and we pay huge emphasis on keeping ourselves consistent while maintaining high quality. By providing these services we aim to help our clients getting rid of the mechanical work performed by their staff and help them to reduce the cost considerably by outsourcing to us.

2. Payroll Processing

At BLS, we commit to provide proficient high-quality payroll services. Our services span from preparing monthly payroll reports, booking of payroll in accounts, providing payroll tax due reports for processing payment, to periodic payroll filings. Our expert accountants provide real value to our clients by helping them to lighten their routine administrative tasks resulting in cost reduction and increasing profits. Our comprehensive services provide our clients access to a convenient and reliable payroll process.

3. Audit Assistance Services

BLS accounting team help our clients with the required documentation, information and explanation to their respective auditors (both Internal & External). We reduce this burden from our clients and provide all the necessary information to their auditors on their behalf. This is achievable if BLS is maintaining all the accounts and have all the relevant information available for the auditors. We also help our client comply with the SOX Compliance standards.

4. Preparation of VAT/GST Returns

BLS helps their clients prepare detailed documentation that assists them in filing their VAT/GST returns with the relevant tax authorities. This helps the core team focus on core business activities and get rid of worrying about latest government regulations. This helps to increase the overall profit of the organisation by reducing efforts of the core accounting team to a considerable level.

5. E- Billing

BLS offers professional services in preparing invoices to meet the billing formats and guidelines of various corporations and law firms. We also help our clients in presenting invoices through the e-billing system used by them in a cost effective proposition.

6. E-document management

BLS help organisations segregate and manage e-documents and files in an efficient manner to reduce their task loads and improve proficiency by getting rid of unwanted e-files.

7. Data Format Conversion & Storage

BLS help clients convert the documents into specified formats as per their requirements and store them in an online repository to maximize the convenience of referring documents.